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Dr. Christine Brass-Jones OB/GYN
Dr. Christine Brass-Jones D.O. OB/GYN specializing in integrated Gynecology, Obstetrics and Fertility for Women in Mesa Arizona

Dr. Christine Brass-Jones was born and raised in Flushing, N.Y., attended college on Long Island at SUNY Stonybrook, and left New York for Iowa to attend medical school at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines. Dr. Brass-Jones specifically chose Osteopathic medicine because of its holistic view of caring for the patient. She finished a traditional internship and then a Residency in OB/GYN at Mesa General Hospital in Mesa, AZ. She is board certified and does deliveries and surgeries at Banner Gateway Hospital in Gilbert at Higley Road and the 60 freeway.

Dr. Brass-Jones joined a traditional OB/GYN practice, in 2000, after completing residency but was not satisfied with her decision. Over the next two years she concentrated on the development of an integrated medical center that would focus on women as the core of the family and helping them to create wellness within themselves. They would then be able to extend this wellness to their families, creating healthier family units.

Sherry Fragosa
Sherry Fragosa

Sherry Fragosa and Dr. Brass-Jones met in 2002 and developed their ideas of a 'wellness center' to form the Center for True Harmony Wellness & Medicine. Her experience in massage therapy and energy work enhanced the alternative medical side of the practice, and her studies in Business and degree in Behavioral Science from the Western International University aid her in running the practice as Director of Operations and CFO.

Physicians and Practitioners:

Dr. Christine Brass-Jones OB/GYN
Dr. Christine Brass-Jones D.O. OB/GYN specializing in integrated Gynecology, Obstetrics and Fertiliy for Women in Mesa Arizona

Dr. Christine Brass-Jones DO OB/GYN

Services offered:
Gynecology including IUD insertions, colposcopy, Pap smears, Abnormal Pap treatments, Fertility, Hormone Management, WeightLoss
Obstetrics including prenatal and postpartum visits, Delivery at Gateway Hospital, VBAC, C-section and Vaginal deliveries

Dr. Christine Brass-Jones is our Osteopathic Obstetrics and Gynecological Physician. She graduated from University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines in 1996. She completed her residency in 2000 at Mesa General in Mesa AZ and now is the medical director and co-owner of the Center for True Harmony Wellness & Medicine since its inception in 2004. She delivers babies and does obstetrical and gynecological surgeries at Banner Gateway in Gilbert AZ. Dr. Brass cares about her patients, and shows them ways to heal their mind, body and spirit through conventional medical ways as well as more natural techniques. She feels that a Healthy Mom leads to having a Healthy Baby. She strives to show her Moms that when they embrace a health lifestyle, their babies, their labor and their delivery will be follow in the same manner. Having a fully natural birth is not always the answer. Dr. Brass believes that it is always best to weigh all options when important health decisions need to be made. Education, trust, and preparation are the ways to begin a healthy journey. She specializes in Wellness Exams, Pregnancy & Deliveries, Conscious Conception, Post-Partum Depression, Surgeries & Fetal loss, Menopause, Natural Hormone Replacement, and Chronic Pelvic Pain.

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MaryAnn Shostek, Physician Assistant specializing with Women's Medicine, Gynecology, Obstetrics and Fertility in Mesa Arizona
Mary Ann Shostek P.A.-C.

Services offered:
Gynecology including IUD insertions, colposcopy, Pap smears, Abnormal Pap treatments, Fertility, Hormone Management, WeightLoss
Obstetrics including prenatal and postpartum visits in conjunction with Obstetric care with Dr. Brass OB/GYN

Mary Ann is our Physicians Assistant. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and went on to pursue a Master's degree in Medical Science, graduating from the Physician Assistant Program at Midwestern University, Glendale, Arizona in 2004. Mary Ann's experience is in Women's Health - specializing in fertility. She is excited to bring this knowledge and experience to True Harmony and looks forward to blending the more traditional methods of her past experience with the naturopathic and holistic medicine here at the Center. She will concentrate on serving as an advocate for patient needs, providing patient education and preventative health care services, and working together with other health care professionals at the Center to provide coordinated, ethical and compassionate care for our patients.

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Dr. Denise Grobe, Naturopathic Physician specializing in integrated Women's Medicine, Fertility, Hormone Balancing, WeightLoss, and Acupunture in Mesa Arizona
Dr. Denise Quance Grobe ND

Services offered:
Naturopathic Medicine for Women, Men and their Families

Acupuncture including Acupuncture for Induction, for Chronic Pain, for Smoking Cessation, for Fertility and for Pregnancy

Nutrition and WeightLoss management through the FirstLine Therapy Program and our WeightLoss Program

Dr. Denise Quance Grobe is the licensed Naturopathic Physician for the Center for True Harmony. Her practice is directed towards men's and women's health issues among adults and adolescents, with a focus on personalizing treatments to stimulate the body's healing potential. She blends botanical medicine (herbs and tinctures), homeopathy, medical nutrition (diet and supplementation), and acupuncture with lifestyle counseling to provide the optimal level of care for her patients. Dr. Quance Grobe received her doctorate degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona in 2004 and has continued to educate and practice within the local community. She is accomplished at treating Stress conditions, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes, PMS, Menopause, Hormone Balancing, and Osteoporosis. Within the walls of True Harmony, Dr. Grobe also acts as the medical director of True Natural Healthcare, Inc, a daughter company of Center for True Harmony that was established to make Naturopathic Medicine more easily accessible to the public.

Utilize the expansive knowledge of Naturopathic physicians for your Primary Medical Care needs.  And use your insurance out of network benefits to supplement your Naturopathic Health care costs. 
Naturopathic Physicians are primary care physicians clinically trained in natural therapeutics and conventional medical treatments. Their practice is based on the same basic medical principles as conventional medicine. However, philosophies, approaches, and treatments differ considerably from conventional physicians. Naturopathic Physicians diagnose disease and treat patients by using natural modalities and will utilize conventional medical practices when necessary. They choose treatment based on the individual patient and their symptoms. This approach has proven successful in treating both chronic and acute conditions.
Naturopathic Medicine concentrates on whole-patient wellness covering all aspects of family health from prenatal to geriatric care; the medicine is tailored to the patient and emphasizes prevention and self-care. Naturopathic Physicians cooperate with all other branches of medical science and will refer patients to other practitioners for diagnosis or treatment when appropriate.
Dr. Denise Grobe is contracted with Cigna Health Insurance for in-network benefits.
A message from Dr. Denise Grobe, ND
My focus, as a Physician at The Center for True Harmony, is on Women?s Medicine and Chronic Illness. I provide treatment and long-term management for my patients? current health concerns utilizing Botanical Medicine (herbal extracts and supplements), Nutritional Medicine (diet and lifestyle changes and supplementation), Acupuncture and Education. I enjoy working with patients who are invested in their healthcare and are interested in optimizing their health and wellness.
I treat both Men and Women for various health concerns, including:
Womens Medicine
Thyroid disorders
Gynecological Issues
Abnormal PAPs/ HPV
Mens and Womens Medicine
Weight management
Stress Management
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Cholesterol management
Type 2 Diabetes

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Dr. Christine Tymczyna DO
Dr. Christine Tymczyna specializing in integrated Family Practice medicine for Men and Women in Mesa Arizona

Dr. Christine Tymczyna DO

Services offered:
Osteopathic Manipulation for back pain, neck pain, spinal misalignment, maintenance
Family Practice Medicine as a Primary Care Practitioner including general health, diabetes, annual exams, acute illness and injuries

Dr. Tymczyna (Tim-chin-a) is a graduate of the Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine in Glendale. She completed her residency at John C. Lincoln and Kingman Regional Hospitals in Arizona. She grew up in the Valley and lives here with her husband, Bobby, and daughter, Emily. As a physician since 2010, she encourages all patients to be proactive and motivated about their personal health and fitness goals. January 1 2014 she has moved her practice, Christine Tymczyna DO PLLC, to the East Valley and looks forward to working alongside other practitioners that integrate holistic care with conventional medicine.
Dr. Tymczyna is an avid rock climber. She and her husband have traveled the world to pursue their passion for climbing. Training for rock climbing has kept her hands strong to perform osteopathic manipulation as an added treatment for her patients.

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Mary Petrini, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor, specializing in Sports Massage, Yoga Flow, and Pregnancy Stretch Yoga in Mesa Arizona
Mary Petrini, Lic. Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor

Services offered:
Massage Therapyincluding Therapeutic Massage, Relaxation Massage, Prenatal Massage
Yoga Instruction including Yoga Flow Classes, Prenatal Yoga Classes

Mary uses her therapeutic touch and healing energy to help her clients work through a variety of physical and energetic issues. Through her experience and training in yoga and massage therapy, Mary helps guide her clients into their bodies to help them tap into the healing powers within. In your massage session with Mary, she will use meditation and breathing techniques to help you relax and become aware of your body as she manipulates your muscles and joints through a variety of massage techniques, energy work and stretches. As she becomes in tune with you and your energy, she will customize your massage to address your specific needs and help you find your path of physical and energetic healing.
Mary studied massage therapy and yoga at the nationally accredited Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe. As a runner, she has found her own healing through the combination of massage and yoga to heal lower back pain, loosen tight muscles and create balance in the body and mind. She has had great success helping her clients heal from a variety of issues including; low back pain, shoulder pain, imbalances and stress. She is committed to her clients and continues to learn new ways to assist and heal the body and mind.
Mary started practicing yoga 10 years ago during her first pregnancy as a gentle alternative workout and found it so helpful she has been practicing ever since. Mary studied yoga at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Her classes are fun and relaxed yet challenging. She will help you develop your practice to meet your personal level. She uses breath work, poses, and relaxation techniques to help you balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Marci Cagen, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Life and Spiritual Coach in Mesa Arizona
Marci Cagen, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Life and Spiritual Coach

Services offered:
Spa Services including Holistic and Spiritual Education, Reflexology, Reiki, Infant Massage, Induction Reflexology, Life Coaching, CEU classes, Holistic Health Practitioner Classes and other Spiritual Classes

With nearly two decades of experience in women and childrenís health, Marciís mission is to inspire others to live happy, healthy, and love-filled lives through various holistic healing modalities and community education.  Combining her background in nursing with the knowledge she has gained as a massage therapist, life coach, aromatherapist and herbalist, Marci empowers her clients and students to live the lives they have always dreamed of.  Marci offers a variety of workshops including:

  • Essentials for Life
  • The Green Goddess
  • Heal Your Life Naturally
  • Holistic Kids, and more!

She is also an approved provider for The National Certification Board for  Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.  Marci will customize your visit to address your specific needs and help you find yourpath to physical and emotional wellness.

Here are the services that can be scheduled with Marci, in the True Harmony Spa

Prenatal/ Postpartum Energy Healing Session-A variety of acupressure points combined with the soothing, healing energy of Reiki are sure to induce relaxation for mommies everywhere!  Marci will incorporate the perfect aromatherapy blend to support your personal emotional and physical needs.

Infant Massage- During her time as a Pediatric Nurse, Marci discovered many tools to soothe and comfort baby while increasing the bond between baby and caregiver.  During this intimate and personalized consultation, you will master the techniques of infant massage so that you can begin to incorporate this wonderful healing art into your babyís life.  Marci will explain and demonstrate each step of the massage process in an easy to understand fashion, and additional practice time will be given during your session.  The session will conclude with an easy-to-follow pamphlet to take home.

Holistic Kids-Would you like to learn more about supporting your children in a holistic way? Our award-winning therapist Marci Cagen offers unique 60 minute consultations and demonstrations with you and your little one in a private setting. Each session is followed by a question and answer period that will give you precious information that can be applied for a lifetime. This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to have Marci train you exclusively on how to ease the stress of colic, teething, allergies and so much more naturally. Plus, your little one will enjoy the relaxing attention that he/ she will receive during their session. You may choose from the following topics:

  • Baby Reflexology
  • Easing Stress Naturally with Essential Oils
  • Herbs for Health and Wellness
  • Pediatric Massage

Marci is an experienced pediatric nurse that has worked with children of all ages.  She draws upon her experience as a licensed massage therapist, herbalist and aromatherapist to create the perfect treatment plan to match each child's individual needs. 

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Astara Robinson, Licensed Massage Therapist, RN, Yoga Instructor
Astara Robinson, Licensed Massage Therapist, RN, Yoga Instructor">

Services offered:
Massage Therapy and Spa Servicesincluding Therapeutic Massage, Prenatal and PostNatal Massage, Reflexology, and Yoga Instructor

 Having an extensive and intimate background of experience with the healing of the human body, Astara has become an expert in body work. As a massage therapist she attributes her intuitive abilities to seek out trouble areas, pain and energy blocks in the body to her years spent teaching yoga and working as a Registered Nurse in the ICU and most recently specializing in holistic cancer treatment. Astara focuses on creating a deep relaxing state in the body so that each muscle she works on feels safe, held and ready to release tension by unwind in a way that leaves the client feeling lighter, more free and open. Her vast understanding of anatomy and the relationship each muscle and organ has to the whole makes each massage a unique experience to the clients personal physical or emotional state. Astara has worked with countless clients with injuries and has witnessed the bodies ability to heal in a way that literally changes a persons life using therapeutic massage techniques and emotional unwinding. Her clients leave the massage not only feeling relaxed and more connected to their body but with techniques inspired by yoga and breath-work to help them keep the tension from repeating after they return back to their normal daily activities

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Staff Members:

Xechita Jackson, Lead Medical Assistant

Xechita Jackson, Lead Medical Assistant & Surgery Scheduling Assistant

Breana Domenguez-Ramos, Medical Assistant

Breana Domenguez-Ramos, Medical Assistant

Adilene Armendariz, Medical Assistant

Adilene Armendariz, Medical Assistant

Shelby Shufelt, Medical Assistant

Shelby Shufelt, Medical Assistant

Charmayne Litso, Front Desk Billing Assistant

Charmayne Litso, Front Desk Billing Assistant

TeArah Lyons, Front Desk

TeArah Lyons, Front Desk

Irais Lazo, Biller/Coder

Irais Lazo, Biller/Coder

Anya Iniguez, Biller/Coder

Anya Iniguez, Biller/Coder

Codi Lambard, Administrative & Executive Assistant

Codi Lambard, Administrative & Executive Assistant

Sherry Fragosa, Director of Operations

Sherry Fragosa, Director of Operations

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