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Spa & Bodywork Services
Pregnancy, PostPartum & Infant Spa Services

Spa & Bodywork Services

Massage-The Center for True Harmony specializes in Pregnancy, Therapeutic, Medical, Myofascial, Myotherapy and Relaxation Massage. Utilize these therapies individually or in a combination session to get rid of all your body aches and pains, and keep them from coming back. 5 Surprising Benefits of massage

Aromatherapy Massage-Aromatherapy is a great enhancement to any massage. Take your massage to a deeper healing level with the help of a full aromatherapy medicinary selection at our True Harmony Spa. Share with your therapist what your goals are for the massage, and our Licensed Massage Therapists will select the best oils to bring those goals to fruition. You will enjoy the extra special delight of Aromatherapy with any massage therapy session.

Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy. It promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet, and encourages overall healing. Reflexology is commonly used to treat menstrual disorders such as PMS and even aid in induction of labor in Obstetric patients.

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a non-invasive alternative healing practice using light touch to balance systems of the body using the patient's cranial rhythms. It is effective in a wide range of medical problems including pain, organ dysfunction, and emotional trauma.

Reiki- An ancient energy work therapy that utilizes symbols to promote the highest level of healing in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This therapy is done while the client is fully clothed. Issues addressed in Reiki sessions can be emotional, mental and/or physical in nature.

Spiritual Coaching- The purpose of Spiritual Coaching (sometimes referred to as Soul Counseling) is to assist you in finding and connecting to your own inner wisdom in the midst of life events, and to support you during life changes. It is designed to inspire and awaken you to all possibilities of growth in your life. Soul coaches joyously give you unconditional love and empower you to connect with and understand your own inner guidance. You may speak with Marci about relationships, prosperity, health, substance abuse, family or career issues, spiritual growth, or anything of concern to you. Together we focus on the solution as you build the relationship within.  The answers are within you, sometimes you just need a little help discovering them. Duration...Each session typically lasts 30 to 60 miutes.Confidentiality...Be assured that you can absolutely trust that whatever is shared between you and Marci will be held in the strictest of confidence

Hypnotherapy- After a thorough intake discussing the desired goals and the potential difficulties, the hypnotherapist helps guide the client into a deep state of relaxation (an altered state of consciousness). The hypnotherapist then uses verbal repetition and mental images to suggest the desired behavior changes that can help the client, specifically, achieve their goals, whether it be sports performance, endurance, or a focused, clear mind-frame, etc.

Facials- All skincare treatments are designed specifically for your needs, no 'canned' facials or 'one-treatment-fits-all' protocols. Our licensed aesthetician will utilize her skill and your input to assist you in achieving beautiful glowing skin and educate you on how to keep your skin healthy. At True Harmony you can find relief for acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and aging skin. Using a combination of Rhonda Allison, SkinScripts and our own botannical line of facial products, you will have amazing tools to promote your own natural beauty.

Reiki Facials- Take your relaxing facial treatment up a notch and receive a Reiki Facial. Our aesthetician will incorporate this very healing energy treatment into your facial enhancing your treatment experience. Take two - double your relaxation.



Yoga A movement class that relieves the effects of chronic illness & stress through physical support and relaxation. It creates balance in the body & mind through developing strength and flexibility.Relieves muscle tension and stress through physical support and relaxation. Creates balance in the body and mind through developing strength and flexibility. Assists with focus and coordination, tones muscle groups, helps oxygenate the tissues in the body, circulate lymph and blood flow, and helps strengthen the immune and digestive systems.

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Spa Services for Pregnancy, PostPartum & Infants

Spa Services for Pregnancy, PostPartum & Infants

True Harmony provides a safe and nurturing space for balanced healing to occur. Are you looking for holistic treatments for everyday pregnancy discomforts? Are you looking for a holistic approach to beauty and wellness? Now that you are pregnant are you more concerned with the products that you for staying Beautiful? Are you dealing with skin changes?

We know that you are going through body changes! Have you been looking all over for someone who will really listen to what your greatest concerns are and lead you through a plan of action for maximum results and optimal enjoyment? Afterall, going to the Spa is supposed to be pleasurable!!

Pregnancy Spa Services include:

* Massage Therapy for Pregnancy and PostPartum

* Facials for Pregnancy

* Herbs for Pregnancy

* Aromatherapy for Pregnancy

* Gentle Yoga Classes perfect for Moms-to-Be

* Acupuncture for Pregnancy Discomforts

* Acupunture for turning a Breech Baby

* Acupunture for Natural Induction

* Waxing before you Deliver

* Reflexology & Massage for Natural Induction

* Holistic Kids Classes

* ChildBirth Educational Classes available, including:

    -Breastfeeding through LaLeche Leage,

    -Daddy Duty

    -1st Trimester- 'I'm Pregnancy- Now What'

    -2nd Trimester- Birth Plans, Options, and Preparting for Baby

    -3rd Trimester- Labor and Delivery

    -3rd Trimester- Comfort Measures

    -PostPartum- 'Now What?' 


More Information:

Pregnancy Massage assists with hormone balancing by stimulating glandular secretions to reduce depression and anxiety. Pregnancy induced symptoms such as fatigue, morning sickness, sciatica and water retention are relieved while local and general blood circulation is increased to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of both baby and mother. Post Partum treatments will help the mother bounce back after the birth!

Pregnancy Facials- Pregnancy brings hormonal changes and new challenges for the skin. Skin may start to darken in random places and increased breakout may occur. With pregnancy facials and the right products these new challenges can be minimized or avoided.

Infant Massage There are many benefits of healthy touch for your baby. Not only will your baby feel loved and cared for but infant massage helps reduce colic and improve digestion and elimination. During this session you will learn how to do this special and delicate massage so your baby can continue to have the positive benefits whenever he or she is with you!

Leg & Bikini Waxing- Waxing is a safe and easy way to manage unwanted hair growth while you are pregnant, especially once your legs and bikini area become 'hard to reach areas'.  Try a Bikini and Leg Wax while primping for the Big Day!

Aromatherapy- True Harmony has a specialized line of aromatherapy products to assist you during Pregnancy. GINGER OIL helps to combat nausea associated with early pregnancy. PERINEUM OIL to prepare the perineum for labor and delivery. This can help prevent tearing or the need for an episiotomy. Our BELLY BALM AND BREAST RUB helps keep skin supple and aid in the prevention of stretch marks.

Pregnancy Yoga- Gentle easy movements paired with breathwork and guided visualization ease pregnancy pains, muscle and joint stiffness to help reduce bone density as your body grows and adapts to changes. A consistent practice aids in labor and deliver while keeping your body and mind fit! Our classes are held on birthing balls to give the extra support your body needs.

Acupuncture for Pregnancy Discomforts- Our Naturopathic Physician can alleviate discomforts such as nausea, back pain, leg pain and edema that commonly occur with pregnancy as well discomforts associated with post-partum recovery.

 Natural Methods of Induction

The Center for True Harmony recommends that pre-labor acupuncture and/or massage/reflexology begins at 38wks or 2 wks prior to due date (EDC).  For optimal results acupuncture and/or massage/reflexology treatments should be done at least 2 times a week.

There are no potential risks or side-effects to the infant or mother.  The down side to these treatments is that labor may not start immediately.  Acupuncture and massage/reflexology can be done in combination for added benefit or alone.

 Massage/Reflexology for Natural Induction

Reflexology can help kick-start' labor.  If your labor has stalled or simply not clicked-in yet then reflexology can stimulates your body into committing to the process of labor quite effectively. Reflexology will also increase effectiveness of contractions and decrease labor time. Aromatherapy is also utilized to enhance the body's response. 

Acupuncture for Natural Induction

Research has shown that Acupuncture during the late stage of pregnancy will improve cervical ripening, increase likelihood of spontaneous labor, decrease likelihood of C-section delivery, and decrease average labor time.

Herbs for Pregnancy

ChildBirth Education Classes

Holistic Kids Spa Session-Would you like to learn more about supporting your children in a holistic way? Our award-winning therapist Marci Cagen offers unique 60 minute consultations and demonstrations with you and your little one in a private setting. Each session is followed by a question and answer period that will give you precious information that can be applied for a lifetime. This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to have Marci train you exclusively on how to ease the stress of colic, teething, allergies and so much more naturally. Plus, your little one will enjoy the relaxing attention that he/ she will receive during their session. You may choose from the following topics:

Baby Reflexology

Easing Stress Naturally with Essential Oils

Herbs for Health and Wellness

Pediatric Massage

Marci is an experienced pediatric nurse that has worked with children of all ages. She draws upon her experience as a licensed massage therapsit, herbalist and aromatherapist to create the perfect treatment plan to match each child's individual needs. 

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