A Natural Option for Treatment  of Cervical Dysplasia/Abnormal Pap

A Natural Option for Treatment  of Cervical Dysplasia/Abnormal Pap

What is Cervical Dysplasia - Cervical dysplasia refers to abnormal changes in the cells on the surface of the cervix that are seen underneath a microscope. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that opens at the top of the vagina. These changes are NOT CANCER, but they can lead to cancer of the cervix if not treated.

Escharotic Treatments - the Natural Option

With the recent attention to the HPV cause of cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer and the limitations of the HPV vaccine, it is reassuring for women to know that they have treatment options.  We know that not all women with an HPV infection develop cervical dysplasia or cervical cancer.  It is, therefore, suggested that there are multiple factors contributing to the progression of the disease.  Such factors as immune function and nutrient depletion can be altered and supported.  By treating nutrient deficiencies and supporting the immune system dysplastic lesion can regress.  Studies have shown that specific dietary changes, supplementation, and topical (escharotic) treatments can improve lesion status and prevent cervical cancer.  

An Escharotic treatment is an alternative Naturopathic treatment that is indicated for patients that have moderate to severe cervical dysplasia.

This in-office treatment procedure that consists of a botanical and mineral mixture being applied topically to the cervix to stimulate abnormal cell death and healthy cell growth (Alt Med Rv, May2003, Marshall). These are specific botanicals and minerals that are used to target the abnormally growing cells and cause the cells to die off. An added benefit is that an Escharotic treatment targets abnormally growing cells only. This lessens the risk of scarring and damage to the cervix and also make the procedure more efficient than treatments involving the removal of cervical tissue. Moreover it utilizes and enhances the body's own ability to heal itself. In conjunction with the topical treatments, suppositories, supplements, and dietary changes are prescribed as part of the treatment protocol.  These suppositories, supplements, and dietary changes stimulate the immune system and heal the cervix.

For milder cases of cervical dysplasia, only suppositories, supplements, and dietary changes are used. This is mostly recommended for low grade cervical dysplasia that persist or in older patients.

Dr. Denise Grobe ND practices at the Center for True Harmony Wellness and Medicine in Mesa AZ. She specializes in integrative medicine, gut health, metabolic syndrome, weightloss, hormones, and women’s medicine. She is accepting new patients and has free health lectures monthly. To contact her: 480-539-6646 or info@trueharmonywellness.com. You can find more information about Dr. Grobe at www.trueharmonywellness.com

Dr. Denise Grobe ND Dr. Grobe is the True Harmony Naturopath that specializes in gynecology and gut health. She educates her patients on holistic and conventional options for various health concerns.

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