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Acupuncture For Women's Wellness


Acupuncture for women’s wellness is one of the alternative options offered by our naturopathic physicians at True Harmony. The idea of this practice is that it promotes wellness by restoring balance on the body's energy called Qi.


Using acupuncture, the energy flow throughout the body is restored to its natural order thereby promoting inherent healing as needed by the body. Acupuncture needles are used and inserted on points associated with targeted body parts. Besides restoring the body's natural Qi flow, acupuncture likewise revitalizes nerve activity. This means that it helps the brain release neurotransmitters and hormones like endorphins to provide needed health problem relief like reducing pain and inflammation.


Many might be unsure of this medical treatment due to the needles used. Acupuncture needles are very thin and flexible. Its unique shape allows for a smooth insertion on targeted acupuncture points so they're not going to cause discomfort.


So, how does this all work as to women's health? Acupuncture is recommended to be used as treatment in obstetrics and gynecology. Since acupuncture promotes healing and pain relief, it's a highly suggested technique to consider.


Here are some women-related health problems that can benefit from using acupuncture: fertility enhancement; lessens normal aches and pains due to pregnancy; use to induce labor naturally; help turn a breech baby; boosts postpartum recovery of the mother; aids in abnormal

menstrual-related problems; helps in the relief of premenstrual syndrome and menopausal disorder.


Besides these physical health problems, acupuncture also helps to alleviate mental problems like anxiety, depression, and stress symptoms.


Of course, to achieve optimum health results and prevent future health issues, it may be ideal to integrate acupuncture together with other conventional and alternative medical practices. It is quite all right to do so. Your medical experts will help you better understand all the concepts.


To use acupuncture for women’s wellness issues, make an appointment via our website or call (480) 539-6646.

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