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Alternative Birth Options in Phoenix's East Valley

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Natural Childbirth Is An Alternative Birth Option

One alternative birthing option that you may be looking into is natural childbirth . Natural

childbirth is essentially, having your baby without routine medical interventions such as drugs,

medications, epidurals, and monitoring.

Our midwives put the health and safety of your baby first. As long as things are progressing

normally and you and your baby are not at risk, they fully support your desire to have a natural


One of the great things about having your baby with one of our midwives is that your birth will be

backed by a supportive staff at Banner Desert Medical Center and the NEW Banner Ocotillo. At Banner Desert and Banner Ocotillo, midwives

deliver babies, so the hospital staff is familiar with alternative birth options.


Holistic Options For Childbirth

Taking a holistic approach to childbirth recognizes that giving birth is something a woman’s

body was designed to do. Our midwives can introduce you to holistic birthing options, such as

HypnoBirthing® and more. If this is something you are interested in, let your midwife know at

your next appointment.

Your midwife can also discuss additional holistic options that are available to you for the

duration of your pregnancy and at the birth of your baby.

If you live in Phoenix’s East Valley and are looking for alternative birth options, the midwives at

True Harmony in Mesa, Arizona would be honored to meet you with and discuss your options

for incorporating natural childbirth into your birthing plan.

Request an appointment with one of our Certified Nurse Midwives today by clicking the “request

appointment” button in the upper right hand corner of this website. You can also call (480)

539-6646 to schedule your appointment.

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