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Benefits of Going to a Naturopathic Gynecologist

Naturopathic Gynecologist

Did you know that when it comes to women’s health you have the option of going to a naturopathic gynecologist and experiencing the benefits that go along with that?

A conventional gynecologist focuses on women’s reproductive systems, the physical issues regarding them like infections, fertility problems, and such. For many women who value a holistic approach to their health, you’ll be happy to know about your other options.

The main difference between a traditional gyno and a holistic one is the treatment employed by them. Generally, a traditional practitioner depends on pharmaceutical drugs and synthetic hormones, as well as surgical procedures to treat their patients.

On the other hand, a holistic gyno, as the term holistic implies, is more concerned about overall wellbeing. Thus, a naturopathic gynecologist would consider the body's natural rhythms and processes, taking into account factors like trauma and illnesses when doing treatment in order to restore the body's balance and connection.

So, what benefits can you expect from going to a naturopathic gynecologist?

First off, women who usually go to a naturopathic gyno are those who already practice a holistic lifestyle and likewise those whose traditional gyno cannot meet their particular needs.

In a holistic approach, the gynecologist considers the patient's overall lifestyle in order to determine a more integrated approach. It is the belief of the holistic practice that various factors may be the cause of a patient’s problem, so the lifestyle as a whole is also evaluated during an appointment.

Take note that a holistic gynecologist does not believe in imposing their own beliefs on their patients especially regarding important issues like birth control. Their job is to provide their patients with informed, clear, and concise information regarding the issue so their patients can make a likewise informed decision.

From pre-conception through pregnancy, to menopause and more, the benefits of going to a naturopathic gynecologist, especially if you take a holistic approach to your health -- are here for you. You can reach us at (480) 539-6646 to make an appointment to begin receiving naturopathic care for women’s health.

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