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Its time for you anatomy scan! The one scan you have anxiously been waiting for.
Every year it seems there are new ways to throw a party to surprise others (and even yourself!) as to what you may be having. Boy, or girl?  You may be getting ready to plan one now. But first, here is what to expect at the anatomy scan.
Did you know that the anatomy scan is to help rule out possible abnormalities to your baby? Your ultrasound tech will take approximantely 200 images of your baby. The tech has to focus on all organs and bones. The bonus of the ultrasound exam is finding out the gender and getting pictures of your baby to take home. It is important to know that this type of ultrasound exam can take up to 50 minutes, as it is a detailed exam. Don't be alarmed if the exam doesn't take this long either, some babies are very cooperative and won't need a full 50 minute scan.
"But I don't want to know the sex, how will the tech not let me see?"
Typically when it's time to get the gender and you don't want to know the sex of the baby, the tech will ask that you look away. Once we have the gender, we will print out a image with the gender on it and put it into an envelope for you.
Here is the fun part! Ideas on how to surprise yourself or others on what you are having:
First, you need to designate someone to know the big secret so they can help plan it!
1. The Balloon Reveal: Get a black balloon and ask for it to be filled with confetti (blue or pink). Fill it with helium so you can pop it. Once it is popped, you'll be showered in either blue or pink confetti.
2.Balloons in a Box: Get a decorative big box and ask a place like party city to fill the box with whatever color balloons you'll need (pink or blue). Make sure the box closes tightly. Release the balloons to reveal the gender of your baby! Again, you will need to designate a person that will know the gender. 
3. The Classic Cake: Have a baker make the inside of the cake blue or pink. Frosting is usually white, but you can request whatever you want. This way when you cut into the cake it will reveal by color what the gender of your baby is!
4. Silly String: Yes! You can have cans of silly string filled up with blue or pink and silly string anyone you want to help find out what your having.
5. Balloon with Paint: This one is popular right now. You get a white canvas and pin a black balloon with either blue or pink paint. You and your spouse throw some darts and whatever color comes out once the balloon is popped, reveals the gender. People do this with 5 balloons usually, 2 are the opposite color of what you are having. This throws more anticipation into the waiting game of knowing!
6. Powder Cannon: This one is neat! It is a small ball like item that is filled with powder and when hit, it explodes! The powder comes out. Some even have a release type action where you may pull the back of the item and it releases the powder. If you like this one, google "cannon gender" reveal and it will provide many options where to buy one.
There are so many fun ideas and we hope this helps you out. Congratulations on your baby!
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