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Can I bring my child into my ultrasound?

When it comes to an ultrasound visit we encourage you to bring your family with you. Siblings can engage in the growth of baby, listen to the heart beat and experience this memorable time with you.
You may have concerns of how to time your ultrasound visit, especailly around your little one's daily routine. 
We are here to help! We have some recommendations to help make your visit a little easier.
Depending on your day, you may want to come when your little one has already had a nap, and a full belly!
We know sometimes it doesn't work like that. We encourage you to bring snacks, drinks, and/ or a small electronic hand held device (if you have one you dont mind the kids playing with). These items can help keep your little ones comfortable during an ultrasound visit. As you know some ultrasounds can be longer than others, such as your anatomy scan.
Our ultrasound techs and staff are always here to help. If you have a small baby with you, we can always have you hold baby during the ultrasound, or ask a staff member to help out.
We want every visit to be fun and comfortable for you and your family!
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