Controlling your life by Controlling your sugars

Controlling our lives by controlling our sugars.

 During the day, millions of Americans experience shakiness, lethargy, cravings and thirst. These can be signs of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This is a growing epidemic within our Nation and is strongly linked to our fascination with junk food. 

 Good News! We can control this issue, and many more, by educating ourselves about nutrition and how it effects our bodies. This, and exercise, can be a great recipe for a long fulfilling life. We can keep diabetes and uncontrolled sugar at bay with plenty of water and good foods, including fresh whole fruits and vegetables and lean meats. In addition to a healthy diet we should always focus on fiber, amino acids and enzymes, and nutritional supplements. 

  *Fiber- Fiber helps reduce bodyʼs need for insulin. it also acts as a natural “sponge”. It suspends food particles and controlling the release of sugar into our blood. We really need 35+ grams of fiber a day to see these results. Average Americans reach 11-13grams. 

  *Amino Acids and Enzymes- Amino Acids provide raw materials for the body’s production of insulin, where enzymes aid in digestion and help absorb nutrients. This is what helps the good foods do a better job! 

 *Nutritional Supplements- Taking supplements that aid in blood sugar regulation are highly recommended. 

 ~Chromium is a vital trace mineral that encourages glucose tolerance factor production. GTF carries glucose from blood to the cell which helps over come insulin resistance. 

  ~Pancreas support is a large key to a diabetes- free life. Many diabetics have a pancreas that no longer produces insulin at all, or it produces insufficient amounts, or it is exhausted, stressed and weak from inflammation or repeated sugar spiking. You can revitalize and support this all-important organ with a pancreas support combination. At least including some of these following herbs: 

  *Golden Seal 

  *Juniper Berries 


  *White oak bark, mullein leaves, slipper elm bark, marshmallow root and yarrow flowers 

  *Licorice, capiscum, cedar berries, dandelion and nettle 

  ~Blood sugar control clearly is a solution to a chasm of health problems. There is a link between blood sugar and longevity, keeping glucose in check has a whole new Controlling our life by controlling our sugar level of importance. Regulate your glucose with a quality blood sugar combination. May include these natural ingredients: 


*Fenugreek, bitter melon, nopal, banaba 


*chromium and vanadium 

 There are plenty of benefits obtained by balancing our blood sugar, such as, more energy, improvement in concentration throughout the day and mood stability to name a few. Regain control of your health by working with your physician or healthcare provider with options that are molded to better your health and simplify your life. Controlling our life by controlling our sugar


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