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Cooling Pad Recipe

     Use these healing pads to promote healing of lacerations and tearing, to relieve swelling and discomfort after a vaginal birth. Change the pads every 2 hours or as needed.

Items needed:


  1. 1 package of overnight pads
  2. 1 bottle of Witch Hazel (found in the pharmacy section of most stores)
  3. 1 bottle of Aloe Vera Gel
  4. Lavender essential oil (optional)
  5. Zip-lock gallon freezer bags
  6. Plastic or Pyrex container
  7. Cooler for transport to hospital

How to make your soothing post-delivery pads:

  1. Open and place several pads into the plastic or Pyrex container. You can save the pad wrappers to re-wrap them after they are prepped. *Just leave the wax backing on the pad until use!
  2. Apply a thin layer of Aloe down the middle of each pad
  3. Cover each pad with the Witch Hazel, enough to get them quite wet.
  4. Add a few drops of 100% pure lavender essential oil to each pad, if desired.
  5. Re-wrap the pads and place several to each freezer bag. You may also leave them unwrapped but cleanly tucked into a freezer bag. Place them in your freezer.
  6. Prior to delivery, you can place them into a cooler and bring them to the hospital with you and use them afterward for soothing cool relief.

*Note, you may also wish to get some Dermoplast spray after delivery. This is a lidocaine spray that numbs the skin and is especially helpful when used in combination with your pads.  Just remember to get the blue top Dermoplast, as the other colored tops do not provide cooling relief.

Created by Kassi Sefton CNM, Center for True Harmony, Mesa, AZ

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