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Defining a “Natural Childbirth”

Many people who are pregnant are interested in or have the goal of a “natural childbirth.” But what does that mean?

For some, natural means not having an epidural or other medication to help with coping during labor. For some, it might mean letting their body labor and progress without using additional tools such as breaking their water or using Pitocin. For some, it just may mean a vaginal birth instead of having a C-Section.

Clearly, natural is a very broad term, and can mean different things to different people. When discussing a “natural birth” with your provider, talk about what that means to you.

If it means an unmedicated birth, we will go through resources available and encouraged including doula care, childbirth prep classes (including Hypnobirthing), books on unmedicated birth, and support items available at the hospital.

If it means avoiding tools that either induce or encourage labor progress, have a conversation about why those tools are used, what circumstances they would be recommended for, and when they can be avoided.

Our goal is to have open and honest conversations with patients about their pregnancy and birth plans, and to engage with shared decision-making to come up with the best plan for you and your baby,

Have more questions on a natural birth? Ask at your next prenatal appointment!

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