DIY Ultrasound Baby Picture Craft Idea


You're Pregnant, Congratulations!!!!!

Here is a fun DIY ultrasound baby picture craft project you can do with the sonogram images of your baby.
All the holidays are approaching, which can make a lot of DIYs really fun this time of year.
If you get a clear Christmas ornament, one where the top will come off with the hook, you can put a little 
* glitter
*thin garland pieces
*any material 
really anything you want that will fit into it.
Starting with the items listed above you can dress the inner bottom of the ornament with the items of your liking.Then softly roll your sonogram to fit into the whole of the ornament. Once you have the sonogram in the ornament, you can move it around by lightly shaking the ornament or grabbing a paper clip or bobby pin to help adjust the sonogram as you wish.
After you have all the items you wish to have inside of the ornament, you can now put the top back in place.
If you wish to decorate the outside of the ornament, you can get fancy with beads, gems,or ribbon. Ribbon always gives a touch of elegance. With the ribbon, you can tie a bow around the top part of the cap where the Christmas ornament  meets the cap.
Simple and fun and now you get to hang this beautiful piece on your Christmas tree. It can also be give as a gift to grandma & grandpa or aunts & uncles or friends.

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