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Herbs and Tinctures to Wellness


True Harmony is determined to find what works best for you. We practice conventional medicine, in addition to exploring natural ways of care. The Center prides itself on  blends that can help with physical symptoms, or mental distress. But they go hand in hand, right? One blend, I can talk with personal experience on, is our Adrenal Formula. After just a few days of consumption by the suggested amount, the effects are obvious. Adrenal glands - literally, are what produce hormones that help regulate your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, response to stress and other essential functions. So if you're feeling wound tight, your body is working hard to manage it's responses. The formula we create, is completely natural and used with organic ingredients. Give back to your body some, by trying the formula to provide some relief. The creators of such, work right here in office! Dr. Grobe our naturopathic physician and Mary, our massage therapist who also assists to make some of these wonderful formulas. 

Our doors are still open! We are still taking the necessary precautions to help keep our staff and YOU safe! 

We hope to help influence your journey to healing. :) 



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