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How Early Can You Take A Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy tests are lab tests that detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine. The placenta produces this hormone. This is typically used as a type of home test to confirm a woman’s pregnancy.

The chance of getting an accurate result from a pregnancy test begins the day after a missed period. Testing too soon could give inaccurate results.

Types of pregnancy tests

There are different types of pregnancy tests.

  1. Urine Test

This is the common form of an at-home pregnancy test. The urine test detects the presence of hCG and will show up as a faint blue line on a stick. It is an easy and convenient test to do. 

  1. Blood Test

A blood test may be done with the help of your doctor or a lab. If a urine test was completed, and showed a negative result, however you still suspect you may be pregnant, this would be a good reason for your doctor to order a blood test for pregnancy.

  1. Urine Test + Blood Test

This combination is useful if you are lacking information and if you crave a more accurate decision.

The pregnancy test can detect human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone present in the pregnant woman’s urine. This hormone is produced by the placenta and supports the pregnancy. The level of hCG starts to rise after implantation and it rises up in both the woman’s urine and their blood.

We want you to have a happy and healthy pregnancy and that begins even before conception. If you are having trouble conceiving, or need to know if it is too early to take an at-home pregnancy test, or if you suspect you may be pregnant, please contact us today.

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