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How to Begin the New Year in a Healthy Way

New Year Health Habits

Healthy living should be a goal we all strive for, not just throughout the holiday season but 365 days out of the year.

When it comes to staying healthy, you might resonate with this statement "If it's not broken don't fix it!" But also consider this over the coming weeks: "if you are healthy don't break it!" You should always do your best to keep yourself healthy.

Want to get the new year started in a healthy way? Here is a list of things you can do to maintain healthy habits all year-round.

This is always a good start – eat healthy foods, drink more water, exercise daily, get enough sleep. You can do this and more:

  1. Eat 5-6 times a day including breakfast, lunch and dinner plus 2-3 healthy snacks in between.
  2. Include healthy fats. Healthy fats are necessary to burn fat, absorb vitamins and nourish the brain. Healthy fats come from nuts, avocados, flaxseeds, seeds & olive oil. Avoid hydrogenated fats which are found in processed foods.
  3. Look for healthy whole grains such as wheat bread instead of white breads, brown rice instead of white and whole grain cereals.
  4. Incorporate healthy proteins into your diet, including: nuts, seeds, beans, lentils and fish in moderation.
  5. Healthy carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables should always be included when eating
  6. Drink Water! It is necessary to flush toxins out of your body and keep you hydrated.
  7. Avoid drinking sugary drinks and juices which can cause weight gain
  8. Avoid eating processed foods as much as possible. They are often high in unhealthy fats, sodium and sugar.
  9. Get moving! Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good and helps you stay healthy. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week.
  10. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. Adults should aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

The holidays are a time when many people overindulge with food and alcohol. Healthy eating and exercise are not a priority this time of year, but being healthy is something that should be on everyone's mind 365 days out of the year. Healthy living should be a goal we all strive for, not just during the holidays. Healthy eating habits help reduce your risk for disease, promote healthy weight management and give you more energy.

To begin the new year in a healthy way, prevent chronic illness and disease, schedule your well woman exam today.

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