How to Make an Herbal Infusion

How to Make an Herbal Infusion

Created by Rachel Anne Nemetz, Herbalist for the Center for True Harmony

How to make an herbal infusion:

Herbal infusions are stronger than teas because more of the herb is used per cup of water, thus producing a medicinal grade drink. Herbal teas are nice to enjoy, but may not have the desired medicinal effect, because they are not strong or concentrated enough. To make a medicinal grade herbal infusion:

Use a ceramic mug or glass canning jar to prevent contamination from plastics, etc…

Combine ¼ cup of herb to 1 cup of boiling water (ratio of 1 part herb to 4 parts water)

Cover the container with a plate or jar top to create a tight seal (insuring all the medicine stays in the liquid and does not evaporate off into the air)

Let steep for a minimum of 30 – 45 minutes, preferably an hour or more (this allows the full spectrum of herbal ingredients to steep into the water and tastes stronger than a tea!)

Strain the herbs through a strainer and press out the excess liquid with a spoon.


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