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Making the hard times, good times


In the days of staying at home, social distancing, layoffs, and fear of getting sick, it's easy to get buried in anxiety and loneliness. The world is changing around us in ways we could never foresee. But let's take a look at it from a different point of view. Never before have we had so much opportunity to get to know each other. The day to day grind often left loved ones seeing each other for just a couple of hours a day - with the added distraction of homework, school activities, working late, making dinner, and all those things that eat our time. We now have time to sit with our families, play a board game or two, make it a movie night or camping trip in the living room or back yard, learn that your 8 year old can beat you at poker. We can learn more about our partners, family, and friends simply because we have more time. That, my friends, is invaluable. Take your time, connect with others, and you'll find that you have a wealth of love and support surrounding you.

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