Medical Aromatherapy - Returning to Self Healing

Preventative medicine and self-care (complimentary medicine) were the prime components of medicine in our culture before the industrial revolution. When the industrial revolution happened medicine as we knew changed. We, as a society, began to relate to the body in a mechanical way instead of an organic way. The ability to care for ones self when ill became extinct. The education to understand basic body functions and reactions became a foreign language. As a society we began to rely completely on medical doctors and prescription medication to heal our bodies. The amount of time spent on healing and nurturing the body became convenient and quick. The basic knowledge of knowing were ones stomach is located became a question that only or doctor could answer. The ability to diagnose and heal ourselves of a simply stomach ache was lost.


The earth has provided us with many kinds of medicine. One of the most potent is the essential oils from plants. Each oil is composed of a unique chemical signature that delivers a powerful punch of mother nature’s potent medicine. 


Aromatherapy is so powerful it is now being used in hospitals and surgical units for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. As a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist I have experienced using many kinds of medicine, both allopathic tradition medication, massage, and my favorite Medical aromatherapy. This form of self care is able to reach deep within the body both internally and externally. Each oil effects the chemistry of the body in different ways. Essential oils can treat any aliment in the body from infection, digestive conditions, to depression, and insomnia.


Medicine is changing and alternative medicine, such as aromatherapy, is no longer alternative it has now become complimentary medicine to conventional medical treatment. The demand for complementary medicine is increasing. Medicine is changing to meet the demands of our changing society. Our culture as a whole wants to understand how their bodies work and how to take care of themselves to promote their own self healing.


Preventative and complimentary care through the use of essential oils is within the best interest of every person who wants to maintain and prevent health conditions from forming or worsening. Small physical and emotional issue, if not addressed sooner than later, become bigger ones. I invite you to empower your own self healing through the use of essential oils.


Tiffany Kuehn is registered nurse, licensed massage therapist, and aromatherapist at Natural Choices Bodyworks with 25 years of experience in her field. “ I believe merging complimentary care with conventional medicine creates the strongest medicine possible”  - Tiffany Kuehn


At True Harmony Wellness and Medicine we create a custom oil blend specific for your individual medicinal needs wether a traditional custom room spray to prevent the common cold, to custom blends for pain, breast health, facial care, and organic cleaners for your home or office. We only use the best pure organic oils and blending products to guarantee the most effective custom blend for you and your family.

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