Outing Tips with Baby

Whether you are brand new to motherhood or a hardearned vetran, taking the little ones with you to run errands can be a challenge. Either way there are always new hacks being heard of when it comes to making your outing a little easier with your kiddos.

1. Park by a cart return. It will allow you to put groceries away and put baby in the car without having to keep baby in the cart while it's so hot or chilly out. If baby is in the car, dont forget to crack a window! If it's really hot, start your car.
2. Shopping cart hack. If your a shopper at Walmart, their carts have a great trick. If you look down on the cart there a two small temple like shapes below where babys legs would hang. You can actually hook a bag or two on to each of these. This makes your kids sit in the cart so your space is limited and this is helpful.
3. Carseat freezer packs. These are so helpful during hot Arizona summer days. If you have a washable, waterproof type of carseat, a baby wipe helps instantly. Just wipe the buckles harness and whole car seat down.
4. Remember mom your doing great. Outing with kiddos isn't always easy but you got this!
5. Make sure you have all baby will need:
-formula bottle or a cover if you prefer it for breastfeeding 
-lightweight blanket or burp rag
Anything you need to make it easier on you 
6. Take someone with you or find a sitter
We are sure there are countless tips that all moms have. Moms are the masters of getting projects done! These are just a few tips that can go a long way to help.
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