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Questions to Ask Your OB-GYN Before Conceiving

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Thinking about conceiving? Are you planning to start a family soon? According to a study, women had a higher desire to have a child compared with men and rated economic reasons, as well as personal and relational reasons as being influential in making that decision.

But before getting pregnant, there are things you may want to consider. There are some things that you need to know prior to conception. That includes these questions to ask your OB-GYN before conceiving.

Am I able to conceive?

Before trying to get pregnant. we should be aware of our fertility, most especially our capability in conceiving. It's best to request a fertility consultation to check your overall reproductive health. You will be evaluated about your medical history and lifestyle. Undergoing a Transvaginal Ultrasound (TVS) may also be advised by your doctor.

Should I stop taking birth control?

Getting pregnant immediately after stopping your birth control is not easy. Hence, you should ask your doctor how long it will take for you to get pregnant after the discontinuation of your birth control. It's also best to know how to stop taking these. Furthermore, you need to tell your doctor about the other medications you currently take.

Should my partner have a check-up, too?

If you are trying to get pregnant, your partner's fertility should also be checked. It is to find out if he is infertile or not. Like women, men will also be evaluated according to their lifestyle and medical history. He may then be advised to undergo fertility testing.

What are the supplements I need to take?

There are supplements that should be taken prior to conception. One of these is folate. Gynecologists usually prescribe this to pregnant women as well as to women to try to get pregnant. Proper supplementation can help to avoid miscarriage in the future.

Do I need to change my lifestyle?

Being physically ready is one of the most important things to consider when trying to get pregnant. Having a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prepare your body for conception. You could ask your doctor about the food and activities that you need -- or what to avoid -- or if your diet is adequate.

Our team includes an osteopathic OB-GYN, a naturopathic gynecologist, and midwives, who along with the rest of our caring and compassionate team, will help you to start your pregnancy off in a healthy way.

You can request an appointment one of two ways, either on our website by clicking the purple button in the upper right-hand corner, or by calling (480) 539-6646.

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