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Self Care


I have a question for you, to ask yourself. What do you do for self care? Do you go for a walk? Do you like to read? Maybe we can brainstorm putting a healthy treat to mind for YOU to take advantage of.

The Center wants the best care possible for you. If you feel it has been a while since your last well woman exam,  make an appointment. Lets be proactive by maintaining prevenatitve care, instead of reacting. Then after, we can set you up with a well deserved massage from one of our talented, licensed massage therapists. This will help soothe and decompress the weight of the world. 

We're practicing the safest policies. From sterilizing the door handles, to mask wearing with every employee in office. We want you to know we're staying safe, to protect you guys. 


Hope to hear from you!

True Harmony Provider The True Harmony providers collaborate to bring easy to understand education to our community

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