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Staying Positive During Pregnancy

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During these uncertain times you may be finding yourself a little less focused on your pregnancy and more focused on the pandemic. Wondering so many thinks such as how do I stay safe, how to keep my baby safe, what will I do if this pandemic continues and my baby is born during the pandemic?
The first thing we can say is, BREATHE! Keep in mind you are not in this ALONE. When it comes to the unknown it's best to learn to take each day as it comes. Talk to your friends, family members or even us about your concerns, frustrations, anxiety etc. Stay positive and mindful in your movements. We know it can be challenging during these unprecendented times. However, keeping a positive mind set will help you have more control over thoughts which will conclude in a  less stressful day!  Meditation and yoga are a great way to help alleviate stress and keep you more in tune with your body. 
You're growing a life! Don't forget to pamper yourself too! If you want to get out and have a pedicure or message, well do it! Remember to practice your safety protocols, such as wearing a mask, wash your hands in public, stay home if your not feeling well and maintain a safe distance! 
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