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Summer Health


Hi guys! Take advantage of the long sunny days by going kayaking or finding a natural water source for you and the family to enjoy a nice day swimming. True Harmony hopes you're still finding ways to enjoy your Summer. We know we are!

It's still important to go outside and enjoy some fresh air! With that, we also want to ensure your safety is intact! So when planning for a day outside, keep sunblock and water handy! If you're staying home and want to go for a walk, make it a point to get out there in the early hours! You can even get out before bed time to prevent from being overwhelmed by the zealous heat. Being in this very warm state, heat exhaustion is no stranger, nor is it unlikely to become dehydrated. Always be sure to stay on top of the water intake. Staying hydrated can help with sweating which will ultimately cool you down. 

So remember, stay hydrated, keep sunblock close, wear loose fitting clothes to let your body breathe and stay in shade if you can help it!




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