The Science and Art of Midwifery at True Harmony

The Science and Art of Midwifery at True Harmony:

The word midwife means “with woman.” We specialize in care of women throughout their lifespan, from the onset of woman-hood, through pregnancy and childbirth, and well-woman's care and pre- and post-menopausal stages of life.

Midwifery is both an art and a science. Here at True Harmony, we work in skillful accord within our family of interdisciplinary providers, each of us bringing our specific skills to the clinic, allowing us to give you and your family the best care possible. Monica and I (Kassi), as midwives, work collaboratively with Dr. Brass, as well as with our PA, Mary-Ann, and our naturopathic providers, Dr. Grobe and Dr. Stephanski.

As a midwife, we partner with you throughout your care. We provide information and evidence-based medical guidance throughout your care, be it for a well-woman's visit, advice on family planning, or through pregnancy and birth. Ultimately, you are the captain of your ship, and we help guide you safely on your personal journey.

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