There’s an Herb for That - Common Cold Prevention

There’s an Herb for That - Common Cold Prevention

School is back in session.  Let’s face it, regardless if you have kids in school or not, there are plenty of germs to go around for everyone.  This season, let herbs be your ally in preventing that pesky cold.  For specific dosages, more detailed information and to purchase herbs, remember to find your local herbalist or herb shop and keep an eye out for upcoming articles. 

 Whether it is in tea, tincture or capsule form, herbs are readily available and will help you stay healthy.  Herbs give the body the raw materials it needs to heal naturally by helping nourish, regulate and cleanse the body.  There are many herbs to choose from to boost immunity, but let’s look at three favorites.

 Astragalus Root – Strong enough for a man, but gentle enough for children!  Take Astragalus Root on a regular basis and your body will thank you.  This nutty, hay like herb will help strengthen the immune system from the source, providing mature, well developed fighter cells when needed.  Astragalus Root has ‘adaptor’ qualities which literally help your body adapt to changes or
disruptions in the body’s environment. 

 Dandelion – This restorative herb will be your liver’s best friend!  With its amazing ability to strengthen and cleanse, Dandelion will help your body run more efficiently.  That way, when you are
exposed to germs, the body is better equipped to handle them.   While most detoxifiers tend to cause a loss of potassium, nature was ahead of the game, building Dandelion as a gentle detoxifier packed full of potassium! 

 Echinacea – It’s like a secret weapon for your immune system!  This powerful immune stimulant
will trigger your fighter cells into full alert and ready for action.  The immune system and body will also benefit from its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities.  Instead of taking Echinacea on a daily basis, save it for those ‘high risk germ scenarios’, like airplane rides.

 While considering these immune boosting herbs, don’t forget other prevention methods.  A healthy diet packed with plant based foods, exercise & simply washing your hands regularly can all help avoid the cold we all dread.  

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