There’s an Herb for That – Treating the Common Cold

There’s an Herb for That – Treating the Common Cold

Ugh.  We all know the feeling.  A little tickle in the back of the throat, followed by a sniffle or two, before you know it you’re wrapped in 5 blankets on the couch and calling into work. Stop a cold before it starts, by utilizing these powerful herbs at the very first sign of a cold.  For specific dosages, more detailed information and to purchase herbs, remember to find your local herbalist or herb shop and keep an eye out for upcoming articles. 

When you are getting sick, you don’t know if it is viral or bacterial, and you may not care.  But your body does, especially when it comes to treatment.  Antibiotics only work against bacterial infections, not viral infections.  The following herbs, and many other herbs, will not only fight bacterial infections without wiping out the ‘friendly bacteria’, they will also fight viral infections!

Echinacea – When used properly, Echinacea can stop a cold dead in its tracts.  The trick with this
immune stimulant is to take it at the first onset of a cold, and to take it frequently.  Not only will Echinacea trigger the fighter cells into action, it will also protect your mucous membranes, which are vital to combat infections.

Licorice Root – Licorice Root is helpful for many ailments, and great for fighting colds.  Licorice
Root will also stimulate your immune system, while coating and calming your cells and mucous membranes with its anti-inflammatory qualities.  Licorice Root is especially helpful for aiding and preventing respiratory irritation at the first sign of a cold. 

Ginger – Ginger will work well with both Licorice Root and Echinacea.  While aiding the immune
system in many ways, ginger stimulates sweating, helping the body rid of any infection.  With these warming qualities, Ginger encourages proper circulation needed for a healthy immune system.

While considering these immune boosting herbs, don’t forget about some easy home remedies that can help in kicking that cold.  Tickle in the throat?  Try gargling some warm salt water!  Feeling congested?  Try a neti pot!  Just starting to feel a little ‘off’?  Try eating a garlic clove! 

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