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True Harmony Birth Classes!

We are happy to announce that starting in April we will be offering pregnancy/childbirth preparation classes for our patients. There will be two classes – one that focuses on the early part of pregnancy (first and second trimester), and one that focuses on labor, birth, and the initial postpartum period. Two of our midwives will be teaching the classes – Avery Klepacki and Kassi Sefton.

The first class will go over expectations for pregnancy and prenatal care, tips and tricks for managing pregnancy symptoms and changes with your body, staying healthy during pregnancy, and answering the most common questions that pop up (including discussing common myths). This is mostly geared for people in their first trimester, and would be recommended after their first prenatal appointment.

The second class will talk about preparing for labor and birth, tips for encouraging labor, coping in labor both at home and in the hospital, what to expect when you go to the hospital, and how to prepare for the first few weeks postpartum. This is geared towards people in their third trimester.

Partners are welcome and encouraged to come to classes! There will be content addressing how partners can help and discussing the experience of having a pregnant partner. They are also going through a large transition too!

These classes are a great way to not only learn about expectations for pregnancy and birth, but to also meet other families, hear answers to questions you might not think to ask during your appointments, and have more time with your birth providers outside of regular prenatal care.

These classes do not replace Hypnobirthing classes, and we still encourage people who are hoping for an unmedicated birth to take advantage of those classes as well. We also will not comprehensively cover newborn care or breastfeeding.

Each class is $30 out of pocket.

We are excited to get this rolling and see you all there! If you have questions about the classes, be sure to ask about them at your next prenatal appointment or call our office.  

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