What is a Biophysical Profile? (BPP)

What is a Biophysical Profile?

Here at True Harmony Wellness and Medicine we do many types of ultrasound. This includes the Biophysical Profile, also know as a BPP.

The BPP is typically done in the third trimester, but can be done at other points during pregnancy.
Some reasons for having a BPP include hypertension in pregnancy or preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, being older than 35, feeling baby move less or not at all, or it simply that you have gone past your estimated due date.

The Biophysical Profile is typically a 30 minute ultrasound. If baby responds quickly, then the ultrasound can be shorter. However, some babies are not always awake and active, therefore it can very well take a full 30 minutes.

What is the ultrasound tech looking for during this exam?
The following parameters are visualized at the time of the exam.

* Fetal Heart Rate

* Amniotic fluid levels (this is the fluid that surrounds your baby)

* Fetal muscle tone (flexion of arms and/or legs)

* Full body movements

* Practice Breathing (this is contraction of the fetal diaphragm)

These parameters help us visualize the well being of your baby

If your baby meets criteria for all of the above then you will get a score of 8/8
Sometimes your baby may not do one of the above, which breaks your score down. If this happens your provider would have you do additional testing either in the office or at the hospital. This doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong - it coud just be that baby is sleeping or not being as active as expected.

Bonus of a BPP ultrasound? More pictures of your baby!

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