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What is a Doula? Do You Need One?


What is a doula anyway? Do I really need one? Today’s post explores those questions and will help guide you in your decision for hiring a doula. 

Getting pregnant is a momentous occasion but it also involves many physical and emotional changes. Not to mention so many decisions to make during the whole prenatal, birthing, and postpartum period. Thus, it is very important to have someone there to support you on so many levels. In such aspects, a doula is a good addition to your birth team. This is especially true for new moms.

What is a doula and how can they help you throughout your pregnancy and birth?

A doula is your source of information, comfort, and support before the birth, during, and even after your baby is born. Although not trained medically -- that’s the work of your OB-GYN or midwife -- a doula can help you better understand medical terms and procedures.

During your pregnancy, they will get to know you and your preferences for your labor and birth. They can help you create a birth plan to be reviewed with your midwife or OB-GYN. Some offer additional services including placenta encapsulation, or even teach birth classes.

Your doula can aid you in making informed decisions regarding birth positions, how you will manage the sensations of labor and birth, and help you practice breathing and relaxation techniques. They are able to be your constant support in the hospital, and may even provide support at home before you come to the hospital. 

There are also doulas that can support you during your postpartum period. They can help with newborn care, breastfeeding, and even do light household tasks as you are transitioning into life with a newborn.

Do you think you may need a doula?

Studies have shown that having the support of a doula can help cut back on medical interventions, reduce the length of labor, and help a parent’s anxiety during labor and birth. It is especially a good choice to have a doula for those who are on their own or with those whose partners cannot be present during birth.

Ultimately, the choice of having a doula is up to you. At The Center For True Harmony Wellness and Medicine, we often work with Jules the Doula and you can read more about her as well as holistic pregnancy services here.

To schedule your preliminary meeting with your doula, contact us at (480) 539-6646.

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