What Is a TA and TV Ultrasound?

What is the difference between a transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound? You might be wondering what Transabdominal and Transvaginal mean for starters.

Transabdominal. Is ordered when a wide view of the abdomen and pelvic region can be seen by performing ultrasound ontop of the abdomen and pelvic region. A transabdominal ultrasound is non-invasive and typically performed prior to a transvaginal ultrasound. 
For a transabdominal ultrasound you will need a full bladder. Drinking 32oz an hour prior to your ultrasound scan will help the technician view the pelvic region.
How you might be thinking? When your bladder is full it works as if it were a flashlight. The full bladder lights up the pelvic region by soundwave reflecting.  
Once the transabdominal ultrasound is done you will be asked to use the restroom and empty your bladder. As a transvaginal ultrasound is done with an empty bladder. 
Transvaginal. Is when a slender transducer (an electronic device using sound waves) is placed into the vagina. The transducer does not go past the cervix. However it is a closer view of the pelvic anatomy therefore, providing clearer images to help identify possible pathology. 
A transvaginal ultrasound would typically be performed for the following reasons
* A empty of not full enough bladder
*Post menopausal 
* limited view abdominally
*requested by provider
*vaginal bleeding 
*possible ectopic pregnancy 
*Pelic pain
*Prior Abnormal ultrasound
It is typical that both a transvaginal and transsbdominal ultrasound will be done in the same visit.
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