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What is an OB-GYN and Why Do You Need One?


An OB-GYN will be able to offer basic health services, as well as routine medical services (such as breast examinations or STI screenings) in order to help you maintain the best health you can. 

Why Do You Need an OB-GYN?

There are many reasons why you should visit your OB-GYN. They can provide services ranging from health check-ups to cancer screenings, and will always make sure that you are comfortable with any procedures that you need to go through.
Your average OB-GYN appointment will usually include:
● General health checks, including your vital signs, medication(s), and medical history
● Questions surrounding menstruation, sex history, or any sex/fertility issues you may
have encountered
● STD testing
● Physical examinations - depending on what (if any) symptoms you are displaying, your age, or your risk of certain conditions, you may have physical examinations. For
example, they can carry out breast, abdominal, or pelvic examinations.

Your OB-GYN appointment can also give you the opportunity to be provided with a safe space where you can discuss any issues that you are encountering in your living situation. For example, if you are experiencing domestic violence or abuse, manipulation, harassment, or emotional abuse, you will be able to speak privately with your OB-GYN and they can offer advice and help.

Overall, your OB-GYN is there to help you. If you engage with their services regularly, they can help you to preserve your health and manage any issues that arise, especially problems or conditions that are unique to women. Their specialist knowledge ensures that your needs are well looked after, and makes sure that you have a safe place to seek help if you need it. 

For an understanding and caring team of providers that you can feel comfortable asking your women’s health questions to, visit True Harmony. If you’re ready to make an appointment, you can book through our online portal or call us at
(480) 539-6646.

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