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What to Do When Your Pap Smear Comes Back Abnormal

Abnormal Pap options

First things first, if your pap smear does come back abnormal, don't panic. You have options.

True Harmony was founded with the philosophy of combining the best in both allopathic and holistic medicine. This means that our team of doctors are trained experts in both modern medicine as well as naturopathic options. As a patient at True Harmony, you have access to this team that will work with you to create a treatment plan that honors your personal beliefs about how you would like to take care of your body.

With abnormal pap smear results, you could be looking at a range of abnormalities. This ranges from "nothing to worry about" on one end of the spectrum, to cancerous cells on the other.

If your pap test does come back abnormally, Dr. Christine Brass-Jones, DO or Dr. Denise Grobe, ND will then go over next steps with you.

These next steps will depend on the severity of the abnormality. This could range from closer monitoring and a repeat pap test, to a biopsy if needed.

The important thing to know is that our team of pap smear specialists create a safe and balanced space that honors your body and guides you to healing and optimal health, while nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.

Finding a place where you feel safe and your values are honored is important to your overall care. True Harmony can be that place for you.

Request an appointment by clicking the “request appointment” button in the upper right hand corner of this website. You can also call (480) 539-6646 to schedule your appointment.

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