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When Will I Get an Ultrasound During Pregnancy?

ultrasound for pregnancy

An ultrasound is performed by a doctor or a professional technician wherein they use a plastic transducer in order to transmit sound waves through the uterus. These high-frequency sound waves would send back signals to the machine and subsequently be converted into relevant images.

In a pregnancy ultrasound, the converted images would be of the fetus. Your doctor would be able to determine lots of significant information regarding the baby’s growth and condition through an ultrasound result. But the big question is: when will I get an ultrasound during pregnancy?

The number of ultrasounds you will need during your pregnancy will be dependent on a number of factors. The number of tests depends on the particular condition of the woman and her pregnancy. Additional tests may be needed for certain situations but only as prescribed by the doctor due to special cases.

When Will I Get an Ultrasound During Pregnancy?

The ultrasound tests that pregnant women will and may go through are as follows.

Early pregnancy ultrasound – this is done during 6-8 weeks and especially for pregnancies that are considered high-risk. At six weeks, the baby’s heartbeat can be seen and the doctor can predict the due date, determine the number of babies, and such relevant info.

Dating ultrasound -- done sometime during 10-13 weeks especially for a pregnancy that did not undertake the early ultrasound test.

Nuchal translucency ultrasound – done around 14-20 weeks gestation; usually as a related test for pregnancy found with potential problems at the screening.

Anatomical survey test -- done at about 20 weeks and considered as a detailed ultrasound; the sonographer and ultrasound technician will give a thorough checkup to determine any abnormalities or birth defects. The baby's sex can likewise be determined at this test at 95% accuracy.

Always remember, an ultrasound is an important prenatal test for pregnant women. It should only be done when it is truly needed. So, make sure that you get an ultrasound in a safe environment, medically approved, and done by a trained technician.

If you have just found out that you are expecting, congratulations! Your provider will be able to recommend which of these ultrasounds you will need during your pregnancy and which ones you won’t.


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