Yoga helps relieve Depression


According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 18.8 million of American adults suffer from depressive illness. Health care costs for this disease are measurably rising, yet the cost of human suffering cannot be calculated. Depression affects the sufferer and their loved ones greatly. It can devastate the depressed and the family in socio-economic areas as well as interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship areas. In other words, it can affect your marriage, family, friends, and finances.

  The signs and symptoms of the disease are:

Please get help from a clinical psychologist or alternative health practitioner if you or someone close to you has the above symptoms.

Conventional treatment uses drug therapy and most often psychotherapy. Whatever the treatment, depression can take months or years to overcome, but it CAN be done. The key to treatment is to reach and influence the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is responsible for the “Relax and Digest” state in the body in contrast to the well-known “Fight or Flight” response of the sympathetic nervous system. Modalities such as: meditation, hypnosis, and yoga are able to access and positively affect the PNS, calming the body and allowing it to regenerate itself after stress.

Through their practice, many yoga practitioners have found multiple positive strategies to overcoming mental illness.


Yogis believe a healthy spine will produce a healthy body. Yoga gets the spine, the housing unit for the nerves, moving and thus positively affects both the muscular structure of the spinal area and the function of the organs through the nerves. Stretching with the breath gets much-needed oxygen into the blood. The blood transports life giving oxygen to the organs, tissues, glands and the cells helping with regeneration. More importantly, the oxygen gets into the brain tissues, where the illness of depression begins.

  Some tips on decreasing stress:

Yoga and meditation help you access the strength and power of your inner being so that you are supported in the times of need you may experience through the ups and downs of life. The light inside of me honors and salutes the lights inside of all of you, Namaste.


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