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Pregnancy Specialist

Center for True Harmony Wellness & Medicine

OB-GYNs & Naturopathic Gynecology located in Mesa, AZ

A holistic health approach takes on profound significance during pregnancy, as this is a unique time when each woman needs care for her emotional and spiritual needs while receiving quality medical care that protects the health of mother and baby. Dr. Christine Brass-Jones and her associates at the Center for True Harmony Wellness & Medicine are honored to provide the type of integrative care that meets all of your pregnancy needs. To learn more about the traditional and holistic options available, call their office in Mesa, Arizona, or book a prenatal appointment online.

Natural Pregnancy Q & A

What are the benefits of holistic pregnancy care?

You deserve the best medical care throughout your pregnancy. Your mind and spirit also deserve compassionate support as you navigate your prenatal journey. And you should have access to gentle, natural ways to stay stress-free, comfortable, and healthy.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t have to choose one type of care over another, which is why the Center for True Harmony Wellness & Medicine offers all options.

Dr. Brass-Jones provides conventional OB/GYN medicine utilizing advanced science and technology. She integrates her care with alternative options supplied on-site by naturopathic practitioners. The team works together to ensure you have holistic pregnancy care that nurtures and heals the physical, mental, emotional, and lifestyle aspects of your life.

Can I receive pregnancy care from a doula?

You can receive doula services from Julie Sullivan Fields -- also known as Jules -- who is a holistic health practitioner at the Center for True Harmony Wellness & Medicine. Her doula services include an initial meeting, a prenatal appointment at 35-36 weeks, ongoing support throughout your pregnancy, and postnatal follow-up care.

Jules embraces each woman’s birth vision, offering the physical and emotional support to make it a reality. She stays with you through labor and delivery, where she also serves as photographer and wordsmith, writing the story of your baby’s birth.

Will I have access to 3D and 4D ultrasound?

Routine prenatal ultrasound is conveniently performed on site, with an ultrasound machine capable of high-quality 3D and 4D images. With 3D imaging, you can see the intimate details of your baby’s face, while 4D produces a live-streaming video.

Which alternative healthcare options are available?

The holistic philosophy of the Center for True Harmony Wellness & Medicine is exemplified in the options they offer to support your body, mind, and spirit throughout your pregnancy, such as:

Pregnancy spa

Comforting services available at the spa include:

  • Massage therapy for pregnancy and postpartum
  • Aromatherapy for pregnancy
  • Yoga nidra
  • Acupuncture for pregnancy discomforts
  • Acupuncture for turning a breech baby
  • Acupuncture for natural induction
  • Reflexology and massage for natural induction

Medicinal teas

Medicinal teas offer safe, natural alternatives to relieve normal discomforts during pregnancy. You can choose from:

  • Anti-nausea tea to alleviate morning sickness
  • Pregnancy tea to provide nutrients and improve digestion
  • Mellow mama tea to improve sleep and relieve anxiousness
  • Mamalicious milk tea to boost breast milk production
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