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Nutrition & Wellness

Center for True Harmony Wellness & Medicine

OB-GYNs & Naturopathic Gynecology located in Mesa, AZ

Nutrition plays a major role in maintaining gut health. The gut can affect many processes in the body and can be the root cause of many diseases.

In weight loss, nutrition combined with exercise, is a key modality to get your body's metabolism up and your overall weight down. With the proper guidance and nutritional protocols you can get yourself feeling great once again.

We are experts in managing gut health and nutrition in both men and women in order to acheive goals of improvement in areas such as:

  • skin conditions
  • gas
  • bloating
  • bowel concerns
  • weight management
  • detoxification
  • obesity
  • prediabetes

Our physicians provide their patients with supplements and any other adjunctive aides such as informational handouts to help them stay focused and on track with following dietary changes. They understand the difficulty of dieting and are here to help you find balance in your lifestyle.  

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